Uitgeverij Leeuwenhart is a Dutch publishing company with a mission: to cater to and promote geek culture in the Netherlands.

Helming the company is author Roderick Leeuwenhart, writer and journalist with over fifteen years of experience. He has written for various culture and gaming magazines, including AniWay, [N]Gamer and GMR. In 2014 he launched his young adult geek novel series Pindakaas en Sushi, which has since become a huge success with the Japan-loving crowd, selling over 2500 copies across the trilogy. The series was completed in 2017 and Roderick is currently writing new work.

In April 2017 he won the Harland Awards, the renowned Dutch awards for fantastical literature, for his science fiction short story “Sterrenlichaam”. Read all about it here.

The outspoken goal of Uitgeverij Leeuwenhart is to establish new characters and stories to help create a genuine Dutch geek culture, and export that to the rest of the world. We are currently looking to translate Pindakaas en Sushi in German, French, English and Japanese. If you are a publisher working within those language regions (or beyond!) and are interested in helping us bring our books to other countries, contact us at schrijverleeuwenhart@gmail.com.